Peeling Grey news.

The End of the Road, February 22nd, 2018

As some of you are aware, I declared Peeling Grey to be over, first from my personal Facebook account last Sunday, the 18th. The following was shared with probably the most engagement from anything I have ever posted:

“After nearly ten years, Peeling Grey has disbanded. I’ll spare you the details of how this feels like a break up. In essence, this band has meant everything to me and it’s been very hard to finally arrive to this decision.

I knew nothing about singing nor songwriting. In 2008, I decided to just go for it. As we progressed, I learned a great deal about not only music, but PG was also an opportunity to explore and unlock other hidden talents and interests I never contemplated before. Making music videos was one of them. Over time, (I now admit) I enjoyed making those more than albums or singles.

As many of you know, I left the bass for guitar and started writing songs “properly”. These days I’ve been experimenting with keyboards and have been developing new sounds derived from that. But, it wasn’t just about expanding creative horizons during the last ten years. It’s also been a personal journey that I cannot even put into words. It’s changed me in many ways and I am grateful for that. I made new friends from the experience, connected with many people, broke some hearts and had my own shattered on occasion. Of course, a few enemies were made along the way. All in all, I’d say we’re even 

We were fortunate to catch fire in the local scene and eventually play some memorable shows across the US. The crowning moment was WGT’s Cure Night in Leipzig, Germany in June of 2014. We were on quite a roll for a while, despite the line up changes, various obstacles and close calls. I always felt we were on the verge of implosion or at least a couple bolts shy of a hull breach. One wrong turn and that could’ve been the end a while ago. We were a hot up and coming item for a few years. We played our best hand and had a few tricks up our sleeves. Unfortunately, it’s become apparent that perhaps we ran out of those tricks.

It was always our intention to put out there honest music that didn’t kowtow to scenes, tastemakers nor what people might expect. We wrote and released how we felt. On the other hand, we owe a huge thanks to everyone that helped us, namely all the promoters who booked us and everyone who attended our shows and even purchased our music and merchandise. Even if you got away with a free download, we still thank you.

There’s a new generation of players out there. I’ve seen them. Some I like and others I don’t. My only advice I can give today to “all the young dudes” and ladies is be true to your art and take some risks. That’s the mission. Otherwise, someone else can do your job.

…….I just realized I’m writing the obituary for Peeling Grey. What the fuck? This is weird. Anyway, as they say, “That’s Rock n’ Roll”. If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate that. Moving on….There’s some loose ends to sort out, some of which may be released posthumously. I’m making no promises of that or anything at this point.

Peeling Grey wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for the talented people involved past and present. I’d send all of them to the Bahamas and buy them each a house if I could. Deep thanks and love to Dave Bats (i.e. Dave Skott), Naren Renz, James Hazley, Christian MendezBradley HartmanJames HendrixMichael Patrick O’HareKevin Weigand, Richard Nielsen & Karla Blume for their friendship, talent, input, commitment and guidance. I’d also like to express my appreciation towards Matt SchultheisRhiannon LarsonRocker Meadows and Robert E Ball Jr on the music video production side of things. To everyone mentioned, it’s been an honor.

So, where do we go from here? I’m not sure but I see an open road ahead. Time grows more and more precious the older you get. Seize the day and take heed of the writing on the wall. Do not fight change. As difficult as the last few days have been, I see another chance at something. I’m not sure what it’ll sound like or what it’ll be called, but in the words of one famous terminator, “I’ll be back…….”

The farewell was mostly from my perspective, as I’ve led this group for almost a decade. However, I wanted to add in this newsletter that Peeling Grey was also about friendship. I think it takes a few good friends to stick around and endure the tumultuous nature of any band. Rarely was it ever easy, and I could not have done it without a lot of help from everyone mentioned in my post, namely my friends.

In all honesty, the plan was to record a third album, release two more videos and determine the future of the group from then. Unfortunately, things caught up with us and it was impossible to stop the erosion from within. In short, it was a slow death despite our best intentions. I knew that we were all tired and I couldn’t ask anyone to give more. Dave and Naren were the last two members to see this adventure to the end.

I was on a drive home from the market last Sunday morning. I was thinking about the state of the group. Without delving too far into the realm of miraculous voodoo horse-shit, I felt something die. It was the band. There was an overwhelming sensation that something so close had faded away and left us. So, as crazy as that may sound I knew it was time, and it was beyond our control. That was the change I mentioned in my post that (instinctively) I couldn’t resist and had to accept.

We saw the scene gradually evolve from under us. Many of our peers were falling by the wayside or pursuing other endeavors, as that happens in life. Many of the faces changed and so did the music. Clubs and venues closed while new spots and promoters filling the void. This is the way it’s always been. In Peeling Grey’s case, my attitude lately has been to let go of the past and rather than fight the nature of things and find a way to work with it…….Even if that spells the demise of something we love.

In essence, we had our moment and we are proud of what we accomplished. The intent from day one was to treat Peeling Grey like a chassis for a hot rod, where we upgraded and modified as we went along. Anything was within the scope of possible, as I always envisioned that we would either adapt or carve our own path alongside what was going on out there. It’s hard to say how successful we were in those areas, but from what I understand surviving for nearly a decade is a feat in itself. Maybe the pat on the back clause can be exercised here.

We have a couple parting gifts for everyone interested. We’re leaving you with two demos from (what would have been) our next album’s sessions. They’re only rough demo versions but they offer a glimpse to what might have been. There was a third song titled, “Arrive” but it never made the demo phase. I suppose it’s proper we part off with demos, as was initially offered in the beginning to showcase what we were cooking up. Now, the circle is complete.

Check out Dave’s project ( EndInSight. Naren is considering a solo project that has been on the back-burner for a number of years.

As for myself, with every ending comes another beginning. Look for it soon my friends. I haven’t retired from music, but it will take on a new shape and sound. You’ll know about it when the time is right.

Over the years we gained a following that was instrumental in breathing life into the group. Personally, I found it surreal when people would approach us with their very kind words and gestures about our music, videos and performances. Without further analysis on something so wonderful that we are grateful for, what else can be said? We love you all. I suppose our last wish is that none of you forget us and what we leave behind.




December, 30th, 2017

Finally, we arrive to the conclusion of another year and a very strange one at that. We hope your holidays have been filled with the good things in life. As for Peeling Grey, 2018 will mark ten years since we formed. But first, a little about this crazy year.

2017 saw the release of our long awaited, “Our Sky’s Falling” music video. As some of you know, it was in production for nearly a year and in development for quite a while before we started shooting. If you still haven’t seen “Our Sky’s Falling”, well……Click Here! Our latest video is the third chapter of our ongoing adventures and officially ends the “OSF” era.

While the music video was our main focus and highlight for 2017, we also embarked on a new phase of writing for an upcoming full length album, yet to be titled and recorded. Currently, Album III is in the demo / writing phase. Unlike our previous full length albums, we’re writing as a trio and with electronic drums. More on that as we continue our work behind closed doors.

We didn’t book as many shows in 2017, nor did we embark on any out of town gigs. In fact, most of our traveling was dedicated to locations throughout the Southwest for the video, enduring rain, high temperatures and everything else that makes any video production a challenge. As of now, we have a ten year anniversary performance booked for July of 2018 at an undisclosed location. Details will follow for this, as well when the time is right.

With a decade already around the corner, this year has been a time of deep soul searching for the band. A lot has changed since the early days of Peeling Grey. 2018 will be a time where we will experiment with the new songs and see where exactly we stand in the ever changing and fickle landscape of the underground music scene.

Personally, this is the longest project I have ever been involved with. Now, at the cusp of ten years it’s time to not only take stock of how far we’ve come but also to consider what are in the cards for 2018 and beyond. We may very well still have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Happy Holidays to everyone and see you next year! By the way, if you’re in the LA area, Dave and I will be DJ’ing here for NYE! Totally 80’s NYE Party



October 10th, 2017

Greetings again. To the point, our third music video, “Our Sky’s Falling” is finally out there and available to view online.

We premiered the video last weekend at hm157. In short, if you were not there you missed an incredibly “interesting” time 😉 Our performance inside the old Victorian house provided quite a surreal experience. Thank you to all those that were present and to Blush Coffin for a great performance and Band Aparte.

Now, witness what the hype and chatter has been about. We put everything we had into making this one. The feedback so far has been really positive. Some have gone as far as to say, “It’s the best one yet”. I’m actually not kidding. If you feel the same, share it, “like” it on Youtube and leave a comment. We need and love those things 🙂

As of now, we have no further events booked for the remainder of the year. However, there are some shows in the works for 2018, as well as writing for the next album, and if we’re lucky a fourth music video 😉



August 30th, 2017

Recently, we offered a peek into our next music video and promo for its debut at hm157, scheduled for October 7th with Band Aparte and Blush Coffin. (FB Invite)

Over the last year we’ve experienced numerous setbacks with the video, thus making “Our Sky’s Falling” the most challenging endeavor out of the three videos. Various circumstances such as weather, finances, damaged equipment and mechanical issues with the prop car all posed delays and a degree of frustration from time to time. A moment out in Vasquez Rocks comes to mind when it started to rain before the day’s shoot started. A large rock offered momentary shelter for the gear and myself until the clouds eventually let up. Heat exhaustion is another good story while we and our entourage were out by the Salton Sea.

At any rate, there are absolutely no regrets here at all. We’re pleased with the editing so far, even if we still need to finish off those desert car scenes. It took weeks to figure out what was plaguing the Z. Needless to say, we’ll be cutting it close. We’ll spend the remainder of summer in the editing room and in the lockout, as we’re also working on stuff for 2018.

Each video we’ve created is its own animal and we are eager to let the next one run out into the wild. Oh, by the way an Internet release date for “OSF” is still to be determined. Please, get on board for 10/07 if you’re local. The end of an era is approaching…….



July 3rd, 2017

Happy summer, once again. With the change of seasons come fresh ideas. We’re in the midst of working on new material. We have not decided whether it will be a full length or EP. However, we’re talking to prospective producers and are eager to return to the recording studio in the near future. A release date for the upcoming video will be announced very soon. Our next live performance is July 15th at the Lexington in Downtown Los Angeles.

Recently, we amicably parted ways with our lead guitarist, James Hazley. As some of you know, James has been a bit of a utility player in regards to his participation in PG, serving (as well) in the past as our drummer and producer. Previously, this was his second stint with us. With that said, we deeply appreciate everything James has done with us, and we wish him the absolute best.

Consequently, this has reduced us down to a trio. This isn’t the first time. In the past, we always searched for a fourth member whenever we were faced with this sort of thing. However, it’s different now. We will move forward and remain a trio for an indefinite amount of time, as we are not in any hurry to find someone new. In short, we have this covered.

I think it’s time we reach out for the new. We are here, and have always been for the last few years. We’re expecting you and others we have yet to encounter…….Stand by on our next signal. The sky will fall.



June 7th, 2017

We return to rock the San Fernando Valley this weekend at Maui Sugar Mill Saloon with Happy Haus (Siouxsie & the Banshees tribute) & friends, Experiment Perilous. If you’re local to the Los Angeles area, we ask you to join us this weekend for our first live performance since January. This engagement is free! Our last one had us evacuating the building due to a false fire alarm. I’m confident that won’t happen again (fingers crossed). We’ll be dusting off a couple older songs that we have not performed in a long time, plus a new one that may offer a glimpse into our next release. More on that when the time is right.

The much anticipated music video, “Our Sky’s Falling” is nearing completion, in terms of principal photography that started back in October of 2016. We recently visited the Salton Sea for some more location sequences, an adventure to say the least. We picked the hottest weekend of course, with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. We narrowly endured the elements, but got everything done.

Filming is now on hold, due to a couple technical issues that will be addressed very soon. The old Z car (seen in the first two videos) is awaiting replacement fuel injectors, as she could have very well caught on fire. Fortunately, the major leak was detected before any such catastrophe ensued. Also, the last few sequences will require a recently purchased aerial drone. Testing for the aerial unit will commence, shortly. As you can tell, we’ve gone to some great lengths to ensure we present something new and with breathtaking scenery, all from the places we’ve ventured since last year. Post production is still scheduled for July. Stand by on a release date and of course, the Peeling Grey event of the year with special guests and at a rad venue where the video will premiere on the big screen.

So, there you have it. Prop vehicle undergoing repair, new gadgets being tested and a show this weekend 😉



May 9th, 2017

Hello. It’s been a little while since we spoke. The last few months, I’ve been asked repeatedly what the hold up is surrounding the upcoming PG video, “Our Sky’s Falling”. I’ll give you a brief rundown of what we’ve been up to.

In short, the current video is still in the midst of principal photography. This current undertaking has been filmed across three different states, California, Nevada and Arizona. Many of the things we’re doing, we’ve never attempted before. It’s been trial and error battling the weather, which is a strong factor due to shooting on location. Also, the approach to “OSF” is different in every way you could imagine.

The first two installments “James Quarterly” & “Rumors” were carefully executed and more or less followed a set of guidelines. Although much planning is essential for our current endeavor, a good portion of it is experimental. This is the first video where I am personally shooting it along with friends, Matt Schultheis and Rhiannon Larson. Rhiannon recently completed work on Human Drama’s latest video, “The Liar Inside”.

This weekend on April 29th, we’ll be back in Los Angeles shooting at HM157 for performance sequences for the video. Feel free to stop by and perhaps take a peak 😉 “OSF” is still on track for a summer release, so more news on the premiere soon enough. In essence, the goal is to share something that will be worth the wait.

“What are you doing, making a movie?”…….Well, perhaps a short feature 🙂




January 26th, 2017

Greetings, once again. Our second show of the year is this Thursday, January 26th at Club Union, We’ll be the final act of the evening, but please arrive early to check out our friends As We Part (members of Dignitary), Readership Hostile, and Chasing Alice, formerly known as Falling Away.

We premiered our new song, “Over the Moon” recently at Complex, so be sure to catch our performance of it again this week. We’ve resurrected another older tune (“The Rain”) that we haven’t played in nearly five years. I suppose the weather lately has had an influence. Actually, we’re quite in tune with nature if you ever follow the lyrics to various songs of ours. I recall when Dave pointed that out. It made me feel like a hippy. At any rate, our set-lists are growing more interesting with a bit of the old and now some of the new.

Below are some stills of raw / test footage from our upcoming music video. Enjoy the scenery and we do hope you can attend this Thursday’s show! We’ll talk soon.



December 31st, 2016

Hello and happy New Year, everyone. 2016 has come and gone and for a lot of us, good riddance. I wouldn’t say the year was a waste by any means. However, with the loss of many icons (that have helped shape Peeling Grey and a generation of artists), it’s been a time of transition, no doubt. In all probability the current trend will continue, as time has a strange way of reminding us that all things, good and bad will pass. With that said, we’re going to continue the fight and march forward.

In 2016 we experimented with the drum machine and played a few shows with this different sort of arrangement. It’s provided us with some insight of other avenues in songwriting as well as breathing new life into the older tunes. It’s not official, but we are entertaining bringing in a fifth member, back into the drummer’s throne. More on this as it possibly happens later.

Having James Hazley return, this time on lead guitar has occasionally freed me up during our live shows. It has been fun to get out there and experience the full potential of performance without holding an instrument. Dave programmed drums and has been enhancing his bass skills, both key in the new direction we have entered. I think by now Naren has become more acquainted with the keyboard that replaced the old one that was fried in Germany back in 2014.

Regarding the new direction, we recently started working on our first original song in two years. The Bowie, Cure, and Spilt Enz covers have been challenging in their own right, but nothing quite takes the place of working on our own material. We’ll see more of this in 2017. When we have enough new songs, it may culminate into a third full length release, due in 2018. By then we will have reached the ten year mark, so it is appropriate to at least contemplate marking that milestone with another album.

Shooting for “Our Sky’s Falling” also commenced in 2016. Matt and I will resume filming soon. The holidays and such can muck things up and push scheduling back. The third PG music video will be out by 2017. I admit, it is overdue but what we have in store isn’t so simple a task. It has to be done right, with care and without hard deadlines. That’s a little different, as I usually live by strict delivery
dates. Well, not for this feature 😉

So, what can you expect for the new year aside from the video? We have aspirations to play more live shows and showcase some of that new material. We’re entering another creative phase, so that gives us more reason to have more of a presence out there again. The mood currently with what we’ve been cooking up leans more on the darker side. Perhaps it’s been the weather or all the static from the past year finding its way into our music. That’s fine by me. Personally, I’ve been yearning to revisit our roots while still trying new things. There are no rehashes here. We’re a bit bi-polar, hence the pendulum now swings towards midnight.

We have two local shows confirmed for January. The first one is on the 19th at Complex. The gig the week after will be at Club Union on the 26th. Stand by for an invite for that one!

There you have it. 2016 is officially packaged into a cling wrap, and now we make way for our return in 2017. Thank you to all that stuck with us this past year. You’re going to be seeing and hearing more about us soon enough.

“…And The Adventure Continues…”



July 13th, 2016

Today marks eight years since the inception of Peeling Grey. Through all the changes and the days where it all makes sense, we’re still here. Thus far, it has been an incredible journey, and the experience has taken us to places that sounded impossible when we first started. The next couple years are going to be geared towards the ten year mark and possibly beyond. We have some things in store to celebrate the upcoming decade anniversary. But first, a huge thanks to everyone that has ever supported us and a very special thanks to those that continue to.

In the meantime, pre-production on the next video marches on. The video for “Our Sky’s Falling” is scheduled for a late 2016 release. Filming begins next month out in the California deserts. Ideally, the premiere will feature a screening of all three music videos played back to back and in order, of course. There’s some new techniques we’re going to try out, as we’ll continue to push the limits of what we’re capable of. The next few weeks leading up to filming are going to involve a lot of planning, as you can imagine.

On July 28th, we’ll be performing at an industry showcase in the Downtown LA area. We’re happy to announce that the event will be open to the public. Stay tuned on further details and of course the invite 😉

New material for the next release is slowly surfacing behind closed doors. There is a working title and theme that has been stirring in the brain lately. Album number three is set for 2018 with an accompanying video. Currently, we are having some of our existing songs remixed by a prospective producer, which will most likely expand the PG sound into another direction. More on that as it happens.

No further summer shows are planned, but if there is anything we have learned from the last eight years it is to expect the unexpected. A new era begins, and we have unfinished work to do. Be well everyone and we’ll talk soon.



April 12th, 2016

At last report we discussed our previous drummer’s departure, and briefly mentioned an upcoming publishing agreement.That was last November. I’m not really sure how we got through the entire winter without one of these lovely newsletters. And with that, I say hello to all of you again. Happy new year! 😉

We have a lot to bring all of you up to date with so we’ll start with the most current news. We have our vinyl release party at Part Time Punks on April 24th at the Echo in Los Angeles. There, you will be able to purchase our long awaited debut vinyl release and catch our 2016 reconfigured line up. James Hazley returns to our full time roster, this time on guitar. As you may recall, he drummed with us for a while and has produced all of our recordings.

Since Brad’s absence we have been experimenting with drum machines, as opposed to immediately hiring a new live drummer. The vacancy may be filled in time, but for the moment our very own Dave Skott assumes double-duty as bassist and drum programmer. The feedback and reaction from our recent show (the Bowie tribute) was very positive. We’re excited to move forward in this fashion for the time being, and we hope local folks can make it to the Echo this month for our vinyl party! We hit the stage at 10:15pm and will be followed by Corpus Delecti and Goth legends, Kommunity FK.

We are now officially signed to a publishing deal with Red Queen Music, a subsidiary of Harry Warren. What this means is our music has the potential to be featured in film, TV, video games, etc. The deal was made late last year and is a milestone for this little fledgling independent group! We’re very happy to be associated with Red Queen and look forward to all the possibilities this can lead us in the coming years.

The next music video is still in pre-production, but much progress has been made recently. “Our Sky’s Falling” will conclude the current story line that started in 2012 with our first video, “James Quarterly”. We never intended to have a trilogy of videos (somewhat) linked, but here we are about to embark for the third installment. Location scouting will commence early next month in the deserts near Palm Springs and down by the Salton Sea. We’re about to hit the road and film some breathtaking scenes out there, away from the city, and set a different tone from our previous endeavors. No release date is set, but of course we will keep you posted. Personally, there’s something about this next video that needs to get out and it will. The heart of our current album is the title track, and behind this a process now over three years old. The video will be the final evolution of this period of the band.

Now, I think that’s all the important stuff. Next time we speak I promise it won’t be so long. Thank you everyone!



November 18th, 2015

Last night at the Doll Hut was our drummer’s final gig with us. Brad Hartman will be missed and we wish him the best of luck with his endeavors. He and his wife Deirdre own a curiosities shop in Echo Park (Los Angeles) called Memento Mori. If you’re in the area, take a tour of their establishment.

Brad entered the group in March of 2013, essentially a period of rebuilding for PG. Previous to that there were a few weeks where we questioned whether the group was going to continue. With Brad on board and eventually Dave Skott, the band picked up momentum again and came back stronger than ever.

With Brad on board we got back out on the live gig circuit, wrote new songs for what would appear on “Our Sky’s Falling”, made the “Rumors” video, traveled to Chicago, Germany, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, and recently New York, and released a second full length album in June. Personally, I could not have foreseen what we would accomplish with Brad before he was recruited to the fold. It has been an absolute pleasure to not only work with Brad, but to make a new friend over the last (nearly) three years.

Along with Brad’s talent, he brought a core of support that include his wife, friends, and family that pledged their help for this year’s album fundraiser. Brad is also the co-writer for “Wednesday Is Wrong”, a track that will appear soon on the vinyl counterpart to “OSF”. Needless to say, he did his part and he did it well.

Now, what will this mean for the existing trio? The good news is Naren, Dave, and I will keep Peeling Grey alive as we are already looking forward to next year. We have a vinyl release underway, a third music video in the works, and a music publishing deal that we will talk about when that is official. Recruiting a new drummer is of course on the agenda and we can only hope that they will be as cool as Brad. Close to that might be acceptable 😉

Be well everyone. The adventure continues…………



October 31st, 2015

Happy Halloween! Gees, where has the time gone?

Today is the worldwide digital release for our studio version of The Cure’s, “A Forest”. This track is from the recent album sessions. It is FREE to download. Listen, enjoy, download, and share!

Be safe out there tonight everyone. More news and updates soon, as this year comes to a “grinding halt”….;)

Andy Smith
USS Peeling Grey



June 29th, 2015

Hi everyone. Real quick, our new album is available on CD and for download. “Our Sky’s Falling” has been getting some really positive feedback, so far. Album Review. Thanks to those that have already ordered their copy, or downloaded the album.

Visit our BandCamp page to purchase the album:

In case you missed it, here’s a clip:

Next stop, New York for the east coast release party!



June 24, 2015

Hello again. Our record release for album number two is finally upon us. After two and half years in the making, “Our Sky’s Falling” will be a reality. Thank you again to all those that have helped to make this happen, especially through our recent Indiegogo campaign. Here’s the Facebook invite for Thursday’s show: Record Release FB Invite. Our friends Mortal Boy will kick the night off at 10:15 p.m. Please arrive early to check them out. PG hits the stage at 11:20p.m. We will, like the first time in 2011, perform the entire album in track order. Every attendee gets a copy of the CD. New t-shirts will be available at the show too.

Here’s what the first official review had to say about our upcoming album: Album Review……..Not bad, right? “Our Sky’s Falling” goes on sale via Internet this Friday. The album will initially be available on CD and ready for download. Vinyl is scheduled for late fall. To listen,download, and purchase our new songs, jump, skip, and click on over to our BandCamp page. With that, I bid you all a goodnight, morning, or afternoon wherever you are. See you at the show this Thursday!

New Song, “Life of Sin”



May 21, 2015

As some of you may know, we raised enough funds for both CD and vinyl for the next album. This is big news for us and our following. as this will be our very first release on vinyl. An old friend, David Ruiz stepped in the last day of the campaign and contributed a significant amount outside of the official Indiegogo fundraiser. $4,677 was our official final tally. David will have an executive producer credit for the next album and receive all the other perks his level owes him. Don’t be surprised if he’s also in the next PG video. More on that later.

Artwork for both vinyl and CD is in process as we speak. Producer James Hazley and I spent the last two weeks around the clock doing the final mixes. In some cases we were literally  sleeping at the studio and skipping meals to meet our deadline. But, the album is now being mastered. We will be placing our order with Rainbo Records by the end of the month. Please note that vinyl will be available this fall. The CD is on track for June 25th. The album will also be available for download on BandCamp, i-tunes, Amazon, etc.

Here is what both versions of the album will look like:


1.Flowers for the Dead, Parts I & II
2.Life of Sin
3.Under Darker Skies
4 Stars Break Away
5.Let’s Take a Train
6.Wake Up
7.The Siren’s Call
8.Our Sky’s Falling
9.The Circle is Complete


Side 1
1.Flowers for the Dead, Parts I & II
2.Life of Sin
3.Under Darker Skies
4.Wednesday is Wrong

Side 2
1.Let’s Take a Train
2.Wake Up
3.The Siren’s Call
4.Our Sky’s Falling

Our west and east coast record releases are both booked. We’ll perform the album in track order at both events! West Coast Record Release (LA) / East Coast Record Release (NY). This will be our New York debut performance.



May 6th, 2015

Hello again. We have three days left until our fundraiser for the next album ends. Thank you so much to those that have come through for us. We have enough from the fundraiser to master our album and put in an order for some really nice CDs. What is in danger right now is the vinyl portion of “Our Sky’s Falling”. If we do not raise more funds before May 9th, the vinyl record we have planned could be significantly delayed. We’ll find a way to pay off the rest of our debts, but we still need your help to get these songs on wax!

Please, if you have not already, take a look at our campaign and all it has to offer you! After May 9th, it’s all about gearing up for the record release at Complex, Glendale, June 25th. That night we will perform the entire album live and in track order.



March 24th, 2015

If there was ever a time when you can truly show your love and support, it’s now. Please, refer to the link below, and see what we have in store when you lend us a hand with making the next Peeling Grey album. “Our Sky’s Falling” is due on June 25th. On that evening we’ll perform the entire album in track order at our record release party in Glendale, CA and in New York City on August 7th. That will be our debut show in NY.

Your contribution will go towards a few things such as the production, mastering, and CD & vinyl copies of this album. This will be our first release on vinyl. Limited edition vinyl versions will be available in the fall, a few months after the initial CD and online release. This is also the first time we’re asking for anyone’s help in putting out anything. The scope of “OSF” surpasses anything we’ve recorded so far. Thus, the stakes are higher, and we need your help in finishing this album, now two and half years in the making.

Our first show of 2015 will be at Convergence 21 on May 1st in Hollywood and then our record release, June 25th in Glendale. Stay tuned for more details for the record party. Thanks everyone, and please remember any ounce of support that you show will go a long way with us.



December 31st, 2014

We want to thank all those that supported us in one form or another this year. Naren expressed the other evening that this was the best year so far, concerning the group. We are likely to agree with Naren.

It has been a wonderful year with its share of traveling, shows, the writing of the next album, and so on. We enter the studio for “Our Sky’s Falling” in January and will reemerge in the live circuit in May. More details soon enough on 2015 shows, events, the album, videos……..all of it. We’re planning on 2015 being another good one, but of course with your help. Happy 2015 and see you soon! Stand by on our next signal…….

Andy, Naren, Dave, & Brad
Peeling Grey



November 25th, 2014

Hello. We’d like to thank everyone who has watched our music video, “Rumors”. Combining views from both long and short versions, “Rumors” has surpassed “James Quarterly” in just under a year after its release. That’s a milestone for us without the intention to forsake anything about the first video. In fact, the news of the second installment performing better supports one of the things Peeling Grey is about; We seek to keep improving the standard, and if we fail then at least we tried something different. You can expect this ethic to prevail for both the next video and album, both due middle of next year.

On a personal note, concerning “Rumors”, I was at a party a few months ago. An acquaintance told me that he caught on to the sense of humor that not many people realize about the group. I was delighted to hear this, although I haven’t really taken a survey of how many people notice that we do have our lighthearted moments. I think all of us in the band are funny people, so it doesn’t surprise me that we can get away with that while still writing gloomy songs half the time.

Now, if I haven’t lost you quite yet, the next bit of good news is we finally completed the demo process for the thirteen songs to be considered for “Our Sky’s Falling”. There are definitely a number of tracks that bring us back to a darker side of grey (bad pun totally intended), while the others showcase our pop sensibility. It’s going to be an interesting selection process, and we have heard from a few that we’re returning to the studio this time with a stronger batch of songs than the first album.

Plans are being set for a string of shows for next year that includes two record release parties, one for the west and the other on the east coast. We’ll announce the release date and venue soon enough for our west coast premiere. While the album is being recorded, the next video will simultaneously be in development. Locations are currently being scouted while a first draft of the third video will be finished by February. Tentatively, shooting begins in April.

Thanks again everyone. Enjoy the holidays. Until next time.



September 29th, 2014

Hello again. I hope all of you enjoyed your summer. For some of us in black, it’s a bit unbearable. The good news is we are now in fall mode . After returning from Germany (“The Battle of Leipzig”), we played a couple shows, one recently in Vegas. Now, it’s time to finish the year and make plans for the next one.

​ We’ve been talking about our future sophomore full length release for a while now, right? “Our Sky’s Falling” is now scheduled for mid-2015. Most of the songs have been written and even performed at our shows the last year. The final batch of demos are being finished, meetings with our producer, James Hazley have officially commenced, and our return to Surplus Studios seems quite promising. Hence, our previous staff will collaborate with us again, and we are looking forward in continuing our relationship with them. Pre-production is set for December.

We have the exact release date in mind and where the festivities will take place. Those details will be disclosed as we travel closer to that destination. We are very excited to finally start taking the steps to make “OSF” a reality. It’s been on our minds for quite a while.

Alright, now……We have one (maybe two) live shows left for 2014. I’ll make sure all of you know soon . In the meantime we are working every day in preparation for the studio, increasing our internet presence, and currently in talks with labels and distributors. We really want to do it right this time.

Oh, and our 2012 single, “Broken Glass” has been remastered! Stay tuned for more on that as well.

Much thanks for keeping up with us. Also, we’ve had quite a bump in likes on Facebook recently, so that is also appreciated. Enjoy your week everyone, and we’ll talk again soon.

The Battle of Leipzig



August 12th, 2014

Greetings. We’ll be playing with the Vigils and Slay the Phoenix this Thursday the 14th at the Kubitz Room, right next to the world famous (I think it’s famous) Canter’s on Fairfax. We’re not sure if Rodney Bingenheimer will be joining us, but consider having dinner at his favorite booth. If you’re not sure which one it is I can point it out. We might be sitting right at it before we play 😉

We feel it’s been a while since we played in LA proper, so now’s your chance. Please join us as we take the stage right after the Vigils and Slay the Phoenix this week! We’ll deliver a few of the older tunes along with new material that will be featured on 2015’s full length in the works, “Our Sky’s Falling”. Be there if you’re in the vicinity because next stop is Vegas in September. The 14th is FREE!



July 1st, 2014

We have returned from a string of shows that started down in San Diego in February and recently culminated in Leipzig, Germany. In the last few months we also traveled to Chicago for Convergence 20 and played a few local shows around our hometown, Los Angeles. It’s been an amazing experience this year, so far. Thank you to all those that came out to support us.

It’s time for us now to complete the creative process for our upcoming release, “Our Sky’s Falling” which has been pushed to an early 2015 release. Tentatively, “OSF” will be a nine or ten song full length album. We’ve had a couple singles ever since our last album in 2011 (“The World’s Not Sorry”) to keep our output steady, but we’ve had the feeling that we are overdue for an album. The writing process actually started in the late summer of 2012. Much has happened since that time and it will show on “OSF”. James Hazley has signed on board, returning to the producer’s chair.

A third music video is in the early stages as well, and will feature a song from our upcoming album. Ideally the premiere of the future video will coincide with the record. The notion of continuing from the end of “Rumors” into the next video is being entertained……I suppose a theme was started. I will once again write and direct the third feature, and it is my hope to retain the previous collaboration we had for “Rumors”.

WGT’s official Cure party in Leipzig was in some ways our best show ever. Everything that could’ve gone wrong did blindside us minutes before we started our set. However, every which way there was to turn a situation around did indeed happen. Naren’s longtime counterpart (his Roland JP-8000) finally met its day while Dave’s bass effects unit was fried prompting him to play clean throughout the set. Brad’s borrowed drum set was configured differently, so he and Naren both had to think on the spot nearly every moment of the performance. Thankfully the soundman had an extra (very heavy, weighted, and long) keyboard to pull Naren through. As for I, well…….I didn’t have much go wrong if you can believe that. I was spared the curse of breaking guitar strings, which did happen in Chicago.

We played for over an hour in the hottest packed room you could imagine. By the second song our gear was already dripping sweat with us! Dehydration was a legitimate concern despite water being available. The set opened with “Plainsong” by the Cure, to honor the occasion we were playing. “A Night Like This”, “Boys Don’t Cry” were also covered, and the evening concluded with an enthusiastic audience chanting and clapping during the ending of “A Forest”. The rest of the set featured new original material, and some of our older stuff like “The Strip” and “Faith In Forever”. Check out the footage below!

Without trying to overstate matters it seem we pulled off some sort of miracle. At the time the odds had been against us, with jet-lag and everything else international travel can entail, but far be it for me dispute that anything can be overcome……Especially with a group of people that care. We took some heavy hits, but we gave them a show, and one for the books for this little band. We’re very proud. Stand by for our next signal. “Hold your course”.



May 1st, 2014

Our Cure themed set will make its first splash on this side of the hemisphere (Long Beach, CA) on May 23rd at Release the Bats. We are showcasing part of what we have in store for our live German debut at WGT, June 8th. “Into the Trees” performances will feature four Cure covers, as the event we’ll be playing in Germany is a Cure party. They spin Cure all night long and even the slow dreary dirges are danced to. It’s quite a spectacle, especially if you’re a fan. The seeds for this journey to play “A Night With The Cure” were planted two years ago when Naren and I attended WGT for the first time to support Element. Hence, an evening in the making since then.

Our set in Leipzig is expected to clock in at around 70 minutes. That will beat our 2011 record release’s time by a few. It will also be our first time playing overseas, so a year in taking a few more steps forward wherever that may lead. Chicago (Convergence 20) went over really well and there’s some footage below of how we concluded our evening on stage. Thank you to those out there in Chicago (and abroad) who have recently joined us.

Remember that our new PG-t’s are now on the loose and will only cost you $10. Paypal that to today! And….we do have an album and two singles on the market. The best place for those purchases (for now) are at our BandCamp page

We hope to see you either in Long Beach this Friday or maybe even in Leipzig! Steady as she goes…….



April 16th, 2014

In about a week we’ll board a plane and play a show in Chicago, Illinois. That’s actually a first time for us concerning a gig. We’ll be participating in Convergence 20, one of the longest running Gothic festivals / meets still around. Actually, Naren and I have been to a few. The last time for the both of us was New York in 2001. That was right before 9/11. Anyway, if you are in the area (and would be so kind to drop in), here’s some info: We’re very pleased with this.

Ummm…..Currently, aside from C20 next week, the Cure covers for our themed shows have been taking shape (Release the Bats on May 23rd, and WGT’s Cure Party, June 8th in Leipzig, Germany). “Into the Trees, An Evening With Peeling Grey” will feature four Cure songs, along with our own material both older and newer. If the demand is actually out there we might extend this theme to another city or two. We shall see!

We have our new line of PG-t’s for sale! “Series II” is available with a new design and for only 10 bones…..Wait, we’re not really that Deathrock (let’s face it)…..I mean $10! Haha! Yes, and FREE shipping is part of the Peeling Grey bargain. Paypal us $10 to today!

Also to note, we will have a remix available courtesy of Jak Syn of “Rumors” on the date we play Chicago, April 25th. It will be for download only. Much more on the horizon, and we hope to see some of you out there very soon.



March 13th, 2014

Sometimes I feel we need to email you more often. Instead, we post on Facebook. I mean, that is where most of you are at, right? Anyway, here’s some news tailored to fit inside your own personal email accounts. 😉

Alright, so the feedback and response for our latest music video “Rumors” has been very positive. Thank you so much to everyone that has viewed it. Both versions (combined) are now at over 1500 hits on Youtube, which is slowly gaining on our first video “James Quarterly”. In other words, the new video is performing better than the previous one.

Before we head out to Chicago (Convergence 20) in late April and Germany in early June (more on those soon) we have a couple shows for all of you local folks.

Tomorrow, March 14th in Long Beach……

And the 29th of March also in Long Beach……

While we have a string of shows leading up to Germany in June, we’re working on some cover songs. They are for a very special event we’ll be playing while out there (in Germany) a few months from now. Also, the new material for our upcoming album “Our Sky’s Falling” is really taking shape. We are tentatively scheduled to begin recording this summer. The last batch of unheard demos will join the rest of the newer songs very soon.

Oh! And did I mention that soon we will finally have “Series II” of PG-t’s??? That’s right! A second batch of t-shirts, with a new look, will be available by late March! Oh! Oooh! Aaaannnnd……”The World’s Not Sorry” is finally on Pandora Radio. And gees, how can I forget this…..Here’s Mick Mercer’s review of our last two singles:

There is your report for all matters grey. Stick with us, stay tuned, and stand by as much more is to follow.



January 2nd, 2014

As some of you know, “Rumors” is now on Youtube, days after the world premiere screening at Release the Bats in Long Beach. There is a long and short version. The long version depicts our current video as leaving off from the first one, “James Quarterly”….A sequel, if you will.

“Rumors” was in the works for about a year. The initial zany concept was there, but it became a matter of finding the right location, finances, and tying all the looses ends of the vision together. At first, I was convinced the video would be shot at someones house. When that didn’t pan out we stumbled upon the studio that you see us in. I have no qualms in saying that the video has the raised the bar for the band in terms of quality, complexity, and even entertainment. So far we’ve received very positive feedback, and it is all very much appreciated.

We wanted to do something different. I think that may have a familiar ring to those who follow or know us personally. “Rumors” is a very colorful and playful effort inspired by certain bands that would showcase another side to their craft. I personally always enjoyed that from my favorite groups.

The accompanying single is now available on BandCamp. The CD single is a limited pressing of 300, but all three songs from the maxi-single are also ready to be downloaded. Now that both the video and single are out there, we have a full length album to finish writing. I anticipate its release later this year. And yes, a third video is in the early brain-storming stages.

Happy new year everyone. Let’s see what the cards have in store for all of us this year. I have a good feeling.



December 27th, 2013

Finally, our newest release is available! The “Rumors” CD maxi-single can be purchased at Only 300 CDs will be sold, and after that, like the early demos, they will be history! Each disc is individually numbered. Tracks from the single are also offered as downloads at BandCamp and other sites to follow. “Rumors” will conclude the lost era of the band, and make way for 2014’s full length album to come. More on that later, of course. The single comprises of songs that were written as early as fall of 2010.

The accompanying music video will premiere tonight in Long Beach at Release the Bats with a special performance by Fangs On Fur afterwards. Here in the next couple of days you will be able to watch the “Rumors” video online. The video took a year from initial concept to the final product. You’ll find the single and video to be a bit of a departure from anything we’ve done so far………See you next year.



October 30th, 2013

Surprise! We have some updates. Actually, if you follow us on Facebook, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what’s been going on this year. Sadly, as for the other ways to keep up with us, we have not been trimming the weeds. We’ll fix that at any rate. A personal assistant would be nice, and you can’t guilt us too much on relying on Facebook. It is my hope, however that our updates, etc don’t get lost in all the cat pictures and memes in your news feed.

We have a second music video in the works, along with an accompanying single. “Rumors” will finally be released on Friday, December 27th. The video itself is in the midst of post production, and the single is almost finished being mixed. The CD single will most likely be another limited 300 pressing, featuring the title track, and two extra songs. It will also be available for download. The material written for the single dates back to Fall of 2010 and spans through late 2011. In essence, the single and video will conclude the post “The World’s Not Sorry” era, and make way for something else in the works slotted for 2014. More on that a little later. Details of the video / single release party will be announced soon.

We have two more dates scheduled for the rest of this year, one in San Francisco on November 2nd, and another in Hollywood, November 23rd. They very well could be our last two gigs for what has been a transforming year for the group. Here, before I get carried away with the story, here’s what you need to know:

Saturday, November 2nd, Eternal Death Wake Festival, San Francisco

Saturday, November 23rd, Infusion Lounge, Universal City / Hollywood
*Message us here or on FB for pre-sale tickets.

Friday, December 27th, “Rumors” Video & Single Release Party
Details TBA

See you, in one form or another, soon.



July 12th, 2013

I suppose it’s hard to have others really understand what something means to you. Now, with social forums we are exposed to how everyone feels, thinks, what they do, and what is important to them. I’ve never kept it a secret that Peeling Grey is a very important thing to me. It’s been a channel for creativity in many ways. I’ve spent the last five years dedicated to this project. I don’t say this to boast, but to have you know understand that even though I still have a day job, at the end of the day I think about this band, and where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we are going. I believe being in group can really open up doors to so many things and enhance our experience in this life.

Well, that’s just me, but I know I am not alone. Artists across the board must understand this. Even if you are not a musician, painter, writer, actor, etc, we’re all searching or at least pondering what it means to be alive, and how we can make the best of our relatively short stay here mean something…..Or at least enjoyable.

That’s what this band has been for me. I have wrestled with being completely defined by what I do or am passionate about. However, I feel this ongoing project does help give me some meaning to my own existence. Yes, we are local, and to the rest of the world outside the underground scenes we remain unknown. Part of me is O.K. with that. And there is another side that could only hope that something really special comes out of this. Perhaps it already has. I don’t know. I’ll leave you, the reader to arrive to your own interpretation of what “special” entails. I suppose it isn’t much different than forming your own association to your favorite lyrics to any band out there.

So, with all that (un-apologetically) mentioned I do know one thing; I am grateful to those that support and enjoy this band. I am grateful to those that have been a part of this group since day one; Naren, Brad, Dave, Hazley, Hendrix, Christian, Kevin, Mike, Karla, and Rich. Lastly, I am grateful to lead this band to whatever the cards have in store for us. We are far from finished, but every July 13th these thoughts do cross my mind. Thank you all. We, the current line up love every ounce of enthusiasm you have given us. We hope that we are meeting our end of the bargain.

For those local to Los Angeles, we have that 5 year anniversary show at Club Deadcadence, which does in fact coincide with our 50th live performance. Maybe a drop in the bucket for those tenured players out there, but this is the first group for both Naren and I to achieve this!

Here’s a little something about July 13th, and our story:

Now, we have the gig, Vegas on the 20th, and the upcoming “Rumors” video / single to look forward to. Much much more to come. Don’t ever let them get the best of you.




June 27th, 2013

Summer begins for us tomorrow as we return to the live circuit starting at Release the Bats. This will be our first local show in seven months. Half of the set will be new material that we are excited to showcase. It is a return of sorts, so if you are local to LA or Long Beach in particular we ask that you join us for this very special event.

We’ve had a couple line up changes in the last few months with the additions of Brad Hartman on drums and Dave Bats (of Element & RTB) joining us on bass. Yes, tomorrow night has been in the making for a while

In July we’ll celebrate our first five years with our 50th live show on the 13th of that month at Club Deadcadence. We will pull out a surprise or two that evening. On the 20th we’re bound for Las Vegas at Scarlet, the city’s premiere Goth night. That’s a first for us as we have never played Vegas before.

It’s been a very exciting past few months writing these new songs and incorporating our new members into the band. On that note I would like to take a moment to thank our previous bassist James Hendrix for the time and effort he put into Peeling Grey. James was an inspiration to keep the band moving forward when times were tough a few months ago. This is never overlooked, and we wish him the absolute best in his endeavors. He is currently playing with Former Humans.

It’s good to have some shows to look forward to. Oh, trust me, we’re just getting started again. We still have that video, single, and eventual 2014 album to unveil. Thank you to those that continue to support us. That’s part of what keeps us going. See you out there soon!!!



April 4th, 2013

For us, 2012 ended in uncertainty. We seem to have fizzled out after a long stretch of shows, and releases. In general it became very challenging keeping the band moving forward while carefully navigating through the local music scene. We also lost a vital member, and inspiration seem to have run dry. Personally, I had never felt so disillusioned.

It’s now April, 2013 and matters have transformed into a new positive direction. We have been getting together regularly and writing new material. Naren, James Hendrix, and I have turn things around and found a reason to continue with Peeling Grey. Hence a new era of creativity has finally arrived, and not a moment too soon.

We return to the live circuit at Release the Bats (Long Beach) on June 28th. Following this is our fifth anniversary show at Club Deadcadence at Roberto’s (Chinatown, Los Angeles) on July 13th. On the 20th of that month we will play our first Las Vegas show at Club Scarlet where I hear our song “The Strip” has been packing the dancefloor. More shows for the summer and fall will be announced as we are looking to return to the Bay Area and San Diego.

During all of this we will be working on the next music video and single titled “Rumors”. Both are slotted for a summer release. The new material that we have been working on this year will be culminating into a 2014 Peeling Grey release. James Hazley has been asked to take the helm for production again.

By the way, we have some new band photos that you might want to take a look at on our facebook page It’s the first serious piece of promotion we’ve had since last year to be quite honest. The hiatus is over, and we have once again survived another tumultuous period. It’s going to be great to see all of you out there soon.



September 12th, 2012

Have we made some headway this year? Well, I’ll put it to you this way; We are keeping busy and reaching new people outside of Los Angeles. The out of town shows have been great. Now that we made the rounds in Texas we’re back here in California gearing up for our show up in beautiful Santa Barbara scheduled for this weekend. Club Dysphoria will bring the Goth back up to SB as we perform on its opening night. In the area or looking for a mini road trip? We would love the company

Our assault on Bakersfield is on the 22nd as we headline a very special evening at Heresy. The event is a fundraiser for a local radio station that club promoter Mike Fowler will host a show on. The guys and I will also be interviewed and broadcasted at a later date.

And remember that we need your support on the new single “Broken Glass”. CD copies are only three dollars and in limited (300) supply. Each disc is numbered and pressed with love……Just think of home baked cookies. You like cookies, right? Then you’ll enjoy our new single.

Again, I am asking everyone on this mailing list to support Peeling Grey weather it’s by download, purchase of our CDs, sharing our music, attending our shows, re-posting our updates, or standing out in the middle of the street and shouting Peeling Grey emails ROCK!. Yes, there are many ways to give the love back. And by the way, if I happen to hear any of you shout I will personally trace the sounds of your passion for Peeling Grey and give you a cookie. A cookie for a shout…Fair, right? So, in essence we thrive on your appreciation for what we do.

I hope to see some of you out of LA and joining in the fun with us in Santa Barbara and Bakersfield. Thank you to those that have supported “Broken Glass” and the rest of our music thus far. All of your local bands that are making it happen in 2012 need your support.

Now back to baking………



July 27th, 2012

Hello again. I have something new to say…..


Interested?……If so, read on. If not, hit me back and say you want off this boat. It’s really alright!

So…….here’s the scoop. A while back our drummer and producer James Hazley submitted a really interesting instrumental destined to be a future PG song. After having my windshield cracked in four different places by a certain female companion, (and I even still took her home) I thought it would be splendid to write some lyrics on that bizarre experience. And just so you know she wasn’t upset at me that evening. It’s weird, and I’ll leave it at that. I suppose the windshield was closer than the next punching bag or stress relief ball. I know many strange people.

Anyway, “Broken Glass” was born. This is our first new track available for download since the debut album came out. The new single also features a remix of “Sleeping In Dirty Hands” done by James and Rocker Meadows. (Rocker is a cool guy too.) That track is another bizarre affair. Check it out at A limited CD edition of the single will accompany the release in early August for those of you that still want to hold your music and fancy that artwork It will come with a bonus track that is not available for download. Bandcamp is accepting pre-orders for the CD. I am personally as well………300 will be pressed with a unique number and then they are gone!!! And by the way, the new music will be available on itunes, Amazon etc etc if you must have it their way.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into these new tracks and we appreciate every ounce of support. We’re having fun, and we hope you will as well.

One piece of advice though……….Be careful who you invite into your car.



May 18th, 2012

Hello again everyone. First, I’d like to thank you for watching our video that was released recently. In case you still have not seen it, check it out right here: The praise and support have been greatly appreciated.

We have our first appearance at The Echo’s Part Time Punks on Sunday, June 10th. Now, this is a gig we’ve been working on for a while! We’re pleased to announce that we’ll finally get our chance at one of LA’s main hubs for independent music. This will introduce a slightly different audience to Peeling Grey, but we encourage our current following and friends not only to witness, but help us through this evening. We’ll need all the love you can give us as we venture into the unknown……. Expect this night to be a little different. I won’t say too much right now

This show will be on the heels of our return from Europe. As some of you may know Naren and I will visit England and Germany in a few days and return on June 4th. We’ll be attending the WGT Festival in Leipzig and support our friends in Element as they take part in this anticipated event. Aside from taking in the sights on the other side of the Atlantic, our mission is to make the right connections and lay down the groundwork for a return to Europe with the entire band in 2013. In addition we will be introducing and promoting our band to the European theater (area). Parts of our journey will be documented for an upcoming feature about the Gothic scene directed by Robert E. Ball Jr, who also worked on our video with us.

For those in Europe, Naren and I hope to see you in a few days. To all our LA friends, we’ll see you at Part Time Punks!



May 1st, 2012

After months of development we have finally finished our first video. Check it out at
Feel free to share the video on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you’re lurking out there!! This video was shot in the streets of our hometown of Los Angeles. It features our current line-up plus Kevin Wetlands of Programmed for Pleasure on guitar. This is the first of our releases for 2012. Stay tuned for “Broken Glass” scheduled for this summer!



March 22nd, 2012

Now that spring has arrived it’s time to announce our release plans for 2012. This season we will debut our very first official music video. Our song “James Quarterly” has been selected and will once more revisit our 2011 album “The World’s Not Sorry” before we move forward towards our new material. All current members of the band will be featured in the video including Kevin of Programmed for Pleasure, who has been filling the temporary guitar slot since last year. Robert E. Ball Jr, who is currently working on a major Goth documentary is the director, cameraman, and editor of this video while I am the writer and producer. Expect an announcement soon as this feature will be released in spring.

Following the “James Quarterly” video will be the release of our single “Broken Glass”. This song will be the first new Peeling Grey tune released since our debut album last February. James Hazley’s remix of “Sleeping In Dirty Hands” will accompany the song. “Broken Glass” will be available the beginning of this summer, followed by another single titled “Rumors” this fall! So remember we have three releases in the pipeline so far. One music video and two singles!

Naren and I will be travelling to Europe this May and return in June. We’ll be making a stop in London, and then travel down to Leipzig for the WGT festival, and then Berlin. After that it’s one more visit to the UK before heading home to Los Angeles. We’ll be across the pond meeting some of the people that make things happen over on that side of the world. It is our goal to set the stage for the future of Peeling Grey as it concerns upcoming tours outside of the US. Robert E Ball Jr will be there shooting footage of our adventures for his film, along with Element and some faces from the local scene.

Our next live performance is Tuesday, April 3rd at Skinny’s in North Hollywood. We’ll be there with friends Versailles, Native Fauna, DJ Ming Vauze of Sleepmask, and a special appearance by Kim Fowley. This will be Kevin’s final gig with us as he’ll be relocating to Europe with his wife in the near future. In essence this is the final show with this current line up. We are currently searching for a permanent fourth member, so we may move forward towards a new period of writing and redefining the Peeling Grey sound.



February 23rd, 2012

Hello everyone. The last we spoke I believe we were reminiscing about how interesting 2011 was. Well, we’re into nearly two months of this year and I can all of you that it’s already been something to talk about. Here’s the latest rundown………

We finished shooting the upcoming “James Quarterly” music video last weekend on the streets of Los Angeles. Fortunately the permit gods were on our side, so we were blessed with not being bothered by the authorities. Truthfully, I was really sweating it during the climatic scene by the railroad tracks. The video will now enter post-production and be edited. Stay tuned for the premiere of this event soon in the future!

Recording for the new single “Broken Glass” will wrap up soon as well. Currently we’re looking into how exactly we will release this new song, as artwork is being worked on as we speak. We’re anticipating a release for sometime this spring. Soon after another single will follow.

We’ll be making an appearance this Saturday on Magic Monster Radio for their pledge fund drive. We’ll be interviewed and showcase an in-studio acoustic performance. We’ll be on the air around 7pm PST. Please tune in and pledge a donation to keep independent internet radio alive! Visit for details, and tune in Saturday! Their program begins at 12pm PST and will air for 12 hours live!

Live shows are in the works for this year as well. And remember that we have an album for sale! Every purchase come with a FREE picture / lyrics booklet!



December 29th, 2011

2011 was quite a year for us. We finished 2010 and at the same token started 2011 at the NYE Extravaganza at Silver Factory Studios with a bang. All around it is still a night being talked about, and we were glad to take part in it. Then our big event at Bordello for the album release party was even better. Bordello was packed as we played our entire album in track order. Our debut full length recording “The World’s Not Sorry” took flight. Everyone in attendance received a copy at the door, which was part of the price of admission. That’s just how we like to do it. Sales of our record have reached a worldwide audience with Germany, England, Bulgaria, Russia, to name a few.

Our official website was launched earlier this year, We appeared on KUCI FM in Irvine, played our first benefit show for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and then pulled off a cover of “Flowers” by Rozz Williams at Release the Bats for their annual Rozz Night in April. That performance of “Flowers” might have been a one time deal. Promoting our album was one of the top priorities of 2011, thus the live gigs ensued across town.

Then came our return to San Francisco in July. In hindsight that mini-tour proved to be insightful in terms of where the band really was. It was a very interesting time up there and certain tensions within the group really started to surface towards the end. James Leon was a huge help however and we thank him again for his hospitality. We returned to LA to play a few days after our Bay Area excursion back at Silver Factory Studios where the New Years show was held months earlier. Although we gave it our best that night, deep down we were becoming disillusioned. Between San Francisco and back home we were starting to absorb some truths about ourselves and some revelations about others.

One of the challenges of 2011 was finding a sense of camaraderie among local groups and realizing we were not alone. With that mentioned we still managed to stick together with friends such as Native Fauna, Programmed For Pleasure, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, Element, D-Tox, Frank Alpine, Frankenstein, The Pleasure Field, and The Singularity. We’d like to thank them and those I failed to mention for the mutual support and shared vision of a scene simply working together. You know who you are.

We took a four month hiatus from the show circuit and decided it was best to reevaluate a few things. During our contemplation we continued to write new material and rehearse, hidden from the public. We held meetings in attempts to chart a new course for the group. In the midst of this period we lost our guitarist Christian Mendez. Evidently something had to give. Although a line-up change was nothing new, the pressure was on to recover rather quickly and seamlessly. After all we had a deadline by late November to find someone on guitar, as we were booked for one more round at Release the Bats by then. The performance would be filmed for a major documentary focused on the Gothic subculture.

An old acquaintance of mine had approached me earlier this year about continuing my participation for that Gothic Documentary. I thought Robert E. Ball Jr. had let the production fall by the wayside years ago, but after attending our record release at Bordello he saw much potential for the group. Thus the documentary was back on and PG would play a significant role in it. Of course in order to ensure our spot we first had to find a guitarist!

Finally we received a positive review of our album by famous writer Mick Mercer. That helped. Soon after, our friend Carvin Wetlands of Programmed For Pleasure stepped up to the plate and took over guitar duties. With a full line-up back on board, things were looking up again. Rehearsals moved from Bedrock in Echo Park and into Carvin’s space in the valley. We spent weeks preparing for the Release the Bats show scheduled to be shot for the documentary’s promotional reel for overseas investors to view. Leading up to Bats we dropped by Darkest Jack as a trio (me, Naren, & James) for an interview and an in-studio acoustic performance.
To our surprise the show at Release the Bats was one of our best in a while. After our dark period of the line-up change, the opposition we faced here and there, operating with little money, trying to expand beyond what we knew, and so on, we pulled through. The crowd was electrifying and very encouraging. I would say it was another moment where we had to execute under immense pressure, even for a fledgling local band. We were once again reinvigorated and ready to move forward.

We are leaving 2011 with a few projects that will be completed next year. The new singles will begin to surface in 2012 starting with “Broken Glass”. Our first music video (“James Quarterly”) will be done by then as well. Also our continued involvement in the documentary will be essential for the next phase of the band…..All of these projects will help shape the bigger picture along the way.

Looking back we got ourselves into a few jams, but ended each inning fairly unscathed. In essence we are a little more seasoned and even wiser for 2012 and beyond. There’s still a long road ahead and it’s anyone’s guess what it will exactly entail. There’s a vision to this band however, and a lot of keeping that vision alive rests on you. I can sit here and type the year in review every December, write new songs with the guys, book every show, and be lost in our own Rock n’ Roll fantasy, but in the end it’s in your hands too. No one noteworthy plays to an empty room or doesn’t sell a record. With that said, we thank each of you for your support this year. It is a blessing and it does make a difference in our world and hopefully yours as well. Have a great time on New Years and be safe! Not good…..Safe!

See You Next Year



December 14th, 2011

Check the first link out. “The Rain” is among a batch of new songs set to be released next year. It’s from our in-studio performance on Darkest Jack just recently. Also we received a very positive online review for our debut album in Big Wheel Magazine. Remember the album can be downloaded for only $5! Reply to this email and we’ll tell you how. It’s simple! Don’t forget that it comes with a free lyrics / picture booklet 🙂

In the meantime we’re receiving online airplay on Jango FM and Magic Monster Radio. We’ve been rather productive lately with shooting our first music video for “James Quarterly” and the recording of the “Broken Glass” single both due next year. Stay tuned for release party info, an upcoming acoustic set that has been in the works for months, and much more for 2012. Enjoy your holiday season and see ya soon!



December 3rd, 2011

Getting our album has never been cheaper nor more convenient! The CD Baby Download Card grants you access to the entire debut album with an unique code printed on the back of each one. Hop on board this great price for our music and for a limited time we’ll throw in a FREE copy of our 50 page full-color lyrics/picture booklet “A Play On Words”, and sticker!!!

It’s simple: Paypal us $5 to or reply to this email and we’ll get you set up somehow 🙂 Check, cash, or money orders are accepted!

Here’s Mick Mercer’s review!



November 30th, 2011

Welcome to all of our new friends on the email list. Thank you so much for joining us! I want to thank all those that were able to make it to our recent show at Release the Bats last Friday. The footage from that night will be used for an upcoming documentary, plus a promo reel for some of our friends in Europe. We had an incredibly fun night, and it was one for the books. The line-up felt reinvigorated thanks to Kevin of Programmed for Pleasure on guitar, and a great response from the crowd. Always great to see familiar faces along with some new ones.

So….What are we up to now? During the month of December we’ve got our hands quite full with a number of projects. James Hazley will be back at the studio tracking drums for “Broken Glass”, a new song we premiered at Bats. That single is set to be released next year so more news on that as it comes in. Shooting for the upcoming “James Quarterly” video will begin during December as well. During our hectic schedule we’re still finding time to write new material. Our strategy for 2012 is to release a clutch of singles every few months that will feature b-sides and some other surprises. Stay tuned for that acoustic performance we’ve been talking about, and show dates for next year.

By the way, just so you all know we’re giving away a FREE copy of our full color 50 page picture/lyrics booklet “A Play On Words” with a purchase of our album “The World’s Not Sorry”. Support the album and get something really cool for free! We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback off these booklets. They are for sale at $3 each without the album. Paypal us at and we’ll send you one!

Paypal us directly at the address above or visit the following websites to get your PG stuff! Remember every purchase of the album (CD ) gets you a free PG booklet! Our website and Amazon pages also accept credit/debit cards! Read the reviews and purchase from Andy sPlit!!!!

Now……Stay tuned for news on our download cards coming very soon!



November 25th, 2011

Join us TONIGHT, November 25th for a special event at Release the Bats!

Not only is it their annual ”’StUfF tHe TuRkEy”’ holiday event featuring the
worlds worst resident DJ’s Dingbat, Dave Bats, Thee Gabe, & Dave Grave –
Be part of the live performance and video shoot with PEELING GREY!
The show will be recorded live for an upcoming documentary and video release! Bring the noise and your most fiendish faces!

Friday November 25th – Thanksgiving weekend!

Official Peeling Grey merchandise; CD albums, pins, stickers, & the picture / lyric booklet “A Play On Words”

Incredible merch and ALL ‘KILLER PINS’ are two for one from RTB!
Perfect gifts for the Holidaze!!

21 and over only
$5 Before 11pm
1923 E. Seventh St. in Long Beach

BE THERE!!!!!!!



November 20th, 2011

Tune in (online) tonight at 9pm (PST) as we will co-host a radio show and play an in-studio acoustic set!



November 4th, 2011

Our gig on November 25th at Release the Bats is a special one. It’ll be our first live performance since July and the departure of our last guitarist Christian. It may also be our last show for this year. We’ve got quite a few things in the pipeline we’re working on for 2012, hence our limited appearances for the moment.

The next event (day after Thanksgiving) will be filmed for an upcoming documentary that will be featuring the Los Angles Gothic scene and more. So come make an appearance with us on video! Our set on the 25th will feature a couple surprises including Carvin Wetlands of Programmed for Pleasure on guitar. We’ve had some very fun, yet intense moments at our previous Release the Bats shows and this one shall be no different. Do not miss this night!!!!!/event.php?eid=268464006530425

If you didn’t get your free copy of our little booklet “A Play On Words” stop by the merchandise table and simply ask for one. It’s a pictorial history of the group with lyrics to all the songs you’ve heard.

After months of conception and admittedly a couple setbacks, shooting for the “James Quarterly” music video begins next month. It will be our first real music video! Pre-production for the next single “Broken Glass” is underway and is planned as a max-single. A release date is to be determined. “Broken Glass” will be debuted live at our RTB show. It will be produced by James Hazley and Peeling Grey.



October 25th, 2011

We’ve sent you a little gem from a while ago. It’s a song that never even made it to the demo phase, but here it is as it was at rehearsal from a couple years ago. This is “The Girl I’ll Never Know”; a tune we only performed a handful of times in the earliest of Peeling Grey days……….Maybe we’ll actually have a proper recording of it in the future.



October 7th, 2011

You can listen and then download our rare track “Away from Home” on our Bandcamp site. This song is unavailable anywhere else! Also, our full length album is on discount at Bandcamp. Check it out now, and stay tuned for an update on our return to the live circuit and much more!

Oh…..and a sneak peak of our new song “Broken Glass” can be heard here:

PS. Welcome aboard to all those that responded to our Facebook invite to join the email list. I will send those special tracks soon!



September 27th, 2011

We’ve just uploaded a rough rehearsal demo on our SoundCloud account. Take a quick peek of of where we’re heading for next year!

Remember our debut album can be purchased on our website.



September 21st, 2011

We would like to deeply thank Christian Mendez for all his time and great contributions towards Peeling Grey. Unfortunately we have parted ways with him, but of course still wish Chris the best in all his future endeavors. He will be missed but not forgotten in our continuing story.

Christian entered the band at a time when we most needed him. Although we are still a local fledgling band (with a growing fan base) the ending of 2009 and beginning of 2010 was a very difficult period for Peeling Grey. He first took note of us at what I still recall one of our worst shows at the Highland Park outdoor festival. We were asked to turn down as the police showed, and the second band didn’t even get to finish their set.

Back then James was filling in on guitar until we found a permanent fit for the open slot. Being the opening act, nobody was really there yet, and half of those present seemed quite dismissive. My frustration grew and so did the rest of the band’s. I was starting to play certain songs with an angry Punk sort of angst that clearly were not intended for a couple of our tunes.

In the corner of my eye to the left was a guy with a Club Nightshift shirt sporting some dark shades. Despite the chaos onstage and complications with the event itself, he sat there staring at us as if we were all on some petri dish under a microscope. I didn’t know what to make of it. In some ways I felt we were all playing for him, but at least somebody was watching.

Within a couple months Christian entered our old rehearsal space with all his gear in tow and ready to play. After a single audition we all looked at each other and knew we found a guitarist and actually a really good one. From there songs like “Young Heart” and “The End of the Road” were finished. Soon after Christian submitted “Far Away”, as that was the first time I wrote lyrics and a vocal melody over someone else’s music. It is still one of our favorites from the album.

Our first appearance at Release the Bats was looming and booked for March of last year. I think we were all a bit nervous and still untested in many ways. Our first show with Christian was somewhat of a travesty down in Little Tokyo. Our set was cut short, as the promoter and I exchanged some words. In essence we felt the need not only to redeem ourselves at Bats, but to finally hit a home run where we most needed it. Hence the pressure was on. I was never really sure how Christian felt back then about joining a band that appeared to constantly be on the brink.

We took the stage as some of you may remember that night at Bats. We look back on that night as something remarkable, even if it was just a victory in our own little microcosm of a scene. Christian executed beautifully and was indeed integral in turning the tide. This change in the wind wasn’t just about people’s perception and interest in us. It was also a much needed morale boost.

Christian continued on with us through more ups and downs, all the way from our hometown of Los Angeles to the Bay Area in Northern California. On the album he not only wrote some of the parts….He improved the previous material like “James Quarterly” and “The World’s Not Sorry”. Chris was also present in the fold for our record release party this last February….Another night we all look back on fondly.

Before this sounds like anything like an obituary (perhaps too late) I will make this clear; Some may ask why say anything at all especially if there were differences in the end? It’s very simple. I cannot keep Peeling Grey healthy and fully operational without it being a full-fledged band. It has always required teamwork and collaboration. We are grateful of Christian’s tenure and to everyone else that has been involved these last three years. My personal gratitude towards Chris in particular is something I can possibly not put into words….Even as a lyricist.

With that mentioned we are indeed shopping around for another guitarist. Currently we feel like the Banshees if you catch our drift. We are still very active behind the scenes and planning many things for the closing of this year and of course 2012 and beyond. Again, a huge thanks to Chris. He helped us believe in this even more.

We are far from finished…….



September 13th, 2011

Wow….Where do I start? We left San Francisco at the end of of July asking ourselves many questions about how to push forward. Our intentions are simple; We resist complacency. With that in mind we decided to return to Los Angeles for one more show to conclude our string of live gigs for the past two years. From here we return to drydock to undergo modifications in mind for 2012. We’re making some significant changes that will be disclosed on a later date. Some of them are artistic, business strategy, and well beyond those things. We’ve accomplished quite a bit for a fledgling band, and we intend to move forward with the same vigor as some of you have come to associate us with.

Our debut album “The World’s Not Sorry” was recently reviewed by renowned writer and reviewer Mick Mercer. His take on the album was most favorable, and we’re quite honored to have his seal of approval on the first phase of the band’s existence. Click on the link!!/notes/mick-mercer/peeling-grey-the-worlds-not-sorry-a-subtle-slinky-post-punk-joy/10150282171649039.

Sales of the album have picked up. You can purchase them from our official website (

CD Baby, and also a limited edition signed copy on Amazon ( Make sure you purchase from Andysplit…..Oh and feel free to read the reviews so far.

For the remainder of 2011 we’ll be working behind the scenes. Soon we will shoot a series of live intimate performances that will be shared on YouTube, Facebook, and other internet sites. More details on that soon. Our first music video is currently in the concept stages and filming will commence in the near future. New material to follow our current album is being written and will be recorded in the next few weeks. We will be releasing an assortment of new singles beginning early next year. We’ll officially leave drydock once we find ourselves back on the stage where we belong. Don’t worry, it won’t be too long, and it’ll be worth the wait. In the meantime 2012 has already started for us. More updates soon!



June 15th, 2011

Our next show is on Friday, June 24th at Dark Horse Saloon formerly known as Bordello (901 E 1st, Los Angeles, CA). We’ll go on shortly past midnight after friends Native Fauna & Frank Alpine. So in essence we’re headlining this very special night. Club Subversion showcases a variety of local acts, and in some cases touring bands such as Canada’s own Lust the same evening. We’re happy to return to Subversion and continue expanding into other realms.

Speaking of expansion we’re giving away free sampler discs to further promote our debut album. CDs are being distributed globally. The sampler features three album tracks and a fourth song unavailable anywhere else! “The World’s Not Sorry” was recently cited in Gothic Rock Russia’s website as one of their current picks for significant releases. Our full length album can be purchased through our official website, CD Baby, Amazon, and is also available for download on itunes. Ipso Facto down in Orange County, CA has them stocked as well.

We’ll be playing as a supporting act with local LA legends Frankenstein in July. More details on that night soon. Following that show we’ll return to San Francisco for three evenings in late July and swing back for a homecoming gig at Silver Factory Studios with Fangs On Fur. There’s a lot in the pipeline that is just too much for one update. You’ll have to stick around for the next one Until then………



May 25th, 2011

Pesky Jetzer Entertainment based in Saint Louis, Missouri currently is running a Facebook poll. Peeling Grey just entered the race to be their featured artist of the month. Help us reach the top, and let’s show them what we’re made of! And if ya see another band on the list you like vote for them too! It’s not the prize that counts…….We just want to show those who still haven’t heard of us we’re a force to be reckoned with!/home.php?sk=question&id=206660986038999&qa_ref=na&notif_t=question_answer

Also, our debut album is now on itunes for download!



May 5th, 2011

Hello everyone. We’d like to remind and or inform all of you that our debut album is available for download. Below is the itunes link to purchase our music. Stay tuned for some rather interesting developments that will surface in 2011 and beyond. Oh, and if you’re local be sure to catch us at Subversion on June 16th with Frank Alpine and Native Fauna!

…and for this who prefer the old fashioned way 😉 Below is our official website to get your hands on the CD!



April 12th, 2011

So what exactly did I explain to the Russians? We’re hitting some real topics in this article; The current LA Scene, what bands are standing out in my book, where we consider ourselves in it, what’s behind the songs on our current album, and much much more!



April 8th, 2011

Our official website is now open for business. is a work in progress but this is where you can purchase our album and merchandise. We accept Paypal and any major credit card. The website will of course keep everyone updated on the latest news, interviews, music, videos, you name it! Now stay tuned for another update about our next show at Release the Bats in Long Beach on the 22nd of this month!

In the meantime check out our website. Also we are currently working on new material for a follow up to our debut album. More on that much later.